No driver will be allowed to take part in any official practice, heats if any, qualifying or race unless they have the following:
  • Driver should wear suitable clothes; Shorts are not permitted. A Driving Suit is recommended
  • During the event all drivers participating should wear a Branded BIS (minimum) marked Safety Helmet and shall be properly harnessed in the seat belt. The helmet chin strap should be securely fastened while competing.
  • Footwear should be such that shoes covering the entire foot shall be worn.
  • All loose items, inside and outside the car, must be removed. Hand held items, such as but not limited to, cameras and cell phones are considered loose items.
  • The side window must remain at least three quarters closed during his run.
A vehicle will not be allowed to start unless it conforms to the safety requirements detailed below.
In case the COC or any Judge of fact finds any vehicle unfit for competition on safety grounds the same may be excluded at their discretion. The competitor will have to accept such a ruling.
  • 3‐point Seat belts are mandatory. Vehicles participating in the Open classes must be equipped with 4‐point seat harness.
  • Tires must be in good condition, with no cord or belts showing or cracks in the tread or sidewall.
  • Throttle return action shall be safe and positive.
  • No excessive fuel, oil, water or brake fluid leaks should be observed when the engine is running.
  • The driver side door must be made of metal. In case it is made of any other material the vehicle must be equipped with a Roll Cage complying with FMSCI regulations.
  • Steering “spinner” knobs shall not be permitted and mechanical components like wheel bearings, shocks, steering and suspension shall be in good operating condition.
  • Pedal operation must not be impeded. Driver’s side floor mat must be removed unless securely mounted. OE fasteners designed to prevent the mat from moving forward satisfy this requirement if they are in good working order
  • Wheels must be safely affixed. They shall not be reversed so that the lughole taper does not mate with the chamfer of the lugs. All studs and lug nuts must be present and functional.
  • Cars must have a means of access on either side of the Passenger compartment which can be operated from inside or outside. Access must be sufficient to remove an occupant without interference from any door locking devices.


In addition to the above the vehicles participating in the OPEN classes must also be equipped with:

  • Vehicles participating in the Open classes must be equipped with 4‐point seat harness.
  • Vehicles participating in Modified or Open classes must be equipped with at least one fire extinguisher of 2 Kgs (Dry Power), securely mounted within easy access of the driver.


  • Roll bars / cage complying with FIA / FMSCI regulations.
  • FIA Approved rally seats without recliners
  • FIA approved Safety harness (minimum 4 POINT).
  • FIA / Snell / SFI Approved Helmets

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I Manan Sareen want you to know that I have received an email today from your side about getting a license from FMSCI to be able to take part in the Autoprix season 1 in Noida BIC.

It is very disheartening to see the lack of managerial skills from your side as you are telling me about the same issue at the last moment. And even if I file in all the details it is practically IMPOSSIBLE to get the license now.

This is due to lack of coordination and miscommunication from the Autoprix management, due to which I am suffering for no reason of mine.

Due to the reason above of I won't be able to take part in the Autoprix season 1 and thereby my registration charge will get wasted.

I did not expected such irresponsibility from such a big company in India "Maruti Suzuki" and from a famous motor sport group "Northern Motorsport".

Now who is responsible for the loss of my time and money and the service of my car , which I had done for the race.

I want full reimbursement from the proposed organizers.

I too own a Maruti car and this was not expected from such a big company.

!!Please look into this matter and reimburse me or let me take part in the race which is going to be held on the 24th February Saturday in Budh International Circuit.

I would request from a favourable reply from your side.

Thank you
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