Rules and Regulations

  1. All contestants would be timed over the complete laid down circuit. Any penalties incurred by them would be added to the time taken and the total would constitute their qualifying time.
  2. Each competitor may be permitted an additional qualifying run. In this case the better of the two timing would count as the qualifying time.
  3. The fastest 16 ,8, 4 or 2 as applicable cars per class shall be chosen for the pre quarter finals.
  4. The organizers would determine this cut‐off number based on the total number of participants in the class broadly ensuring the cut‐off at about half of the total participants in the class.
  1. All races from the Pre Quarter onwards would be run on an elimination basis.
  2. From the quarter finals onward two cars will be started at the same time by means of an audio/visual signal.
  3. The first of the 2 cars to cross the finish line will be deemed to be the winner of the round, subject to the addition of any supervisory penalties. If in any race both drivers are using the same car, then they will race individually and the winner will be the driver with the faster time subject to the addition of any supervisory penalties
  4. The winner of each round will then proceed to the next round and so on and so forth, culmination in the final round.
  5. In case there are fewer cars the pre quarterfinals may be substituted by semifinals/finals or any other similar round that the organizers may decide on.
  6. These participants would be required to make additional runs.
  7. Cars will only race with other cars of the same class/amalgamated class.
  8. The draw for these elimination rounds will be based on the qualifying timings and will be as follows.
Pre quarter finals – 8 races
  1.  1st with 9th
  2.  2nd with 10th
  3. 3rd with 11th and so on till 8th with 16th
Quarter finals – 4 races
  1. 1st with 5th
  2.  2nd with 6th and so on till 4th with 8th
Semi Finals – 2 races
  1. 1st with 3rd
  2.  2nd with 4th

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I Manan Sareen want you to know that I have received an email today from your side about getting a license from FMSCI to be able to take part in the Autoprix season 1 in Noida BIC.

It is very disheartening to see the lack of managerial skills from your side as you are telling me about the same issue at the last moment. And even if I file in all the details it is practically IMPOSSIBLE to get the license now.

This is due to lack of coordination and miscommunication from the Autoprix management, due to which I am suffering for no reason of mine.

Due to the reason above of I won't be able to take part in the Autoprix season 1 and thereby my registration charge will get wasted.

I did not expected such irresponsibility from such a big company in India "Maruti Suzuki" and from a famous motor sport group "Northern Motorsport".

Now who is responsible for the loss of my time and money and the service of my car , which I had done for the race.

I want full reimbursement from the proposed organizers.

I too own a Maruti car and this was not expected from such a big company.

!!Please look into this matter and reimburse me or let me take part in the race which is going to be held on the 24th February Saturday in Budh International Circuit.

I would request from a favourable reply from your side.

Thank you
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What is the date and time for Noida BIC rally pls ??? ... See MoreSee Less

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