1. What is an Autoprix ?
 Autoprix  is a driving skill contest that emphasizes the driver's and the car's handling characteristics. The contestants drive over specifically designed tracks marked by traffic cones and markers in a large level ground.
While average speeds are no greater than those normally encountered on public roads , however the combination of tight and twisty turns and variations in surface creates an adrenaline pumping experience.
Autoprix  tests the driver skills and vehicle handling rather than just speed. Usually there is combination of lots of very fast corners, both left and right interspersed with very tight and slow corners . Straights are short and narrow adding to a very fast & intense experience.
2. Who can participate ?

Each City will have two parts, a City round and a Championship round.

For the Championship, Any person over the age of 18, holding a valid driving licence can participate.

For the City rounds any person over 16yrs of age & not yet 18yrs of age can participate.

3. But what about car , what modifications ?
Any street car of any manufacturer with or without modification can participate.
4. What if we are bunch of friends but all don't have a car to participate ?
There is no restriction on the number of persons driving any car. The same car can be driven by several different persons or same person can drive several cars, depending on number of entries.
5. Can i make multiple entries or drive multiple cars ?
Multiple entries can be made for the same driver and car combination. However, in  such  cases,  only  the  best‐timed  entry  would  be  considered  for  qualification  in  subsequent  races.  However,  a  Maximum  number  of  3  Entries  per  class  will  be  permitted with a overall cap of 6 entries per person. The organisers may however  decide  to  relax  this  restriction  which  will  be  announced  on  the  public‐address  system.
6. Are any special preparations needed ?
Not really… any person can participate using a stock street legal  car and still be able to qualify. Its more a test of driving skills and ability than that of the cars performance.
7. What is Stock and Modified ?
Refer to technical regulation. Click Here for information.
8. Where will it be held 
Maruti Suzuki FMSCI Indian National Autoprix  Championship 2017 is scheduled to be held at multiple in Bengaluru,Pune,Coimbator,Indore, Gurgaon,Guwahati and Chandigarh.
9. Whats this Championship
The Championship is a great  opportunity to showcase the motorsport capability with little or no modification to car.
The winner gets the title of coveted title of National Autoprix  Champion. The Championship in 2017 shall see the champions from southern India (compete with Champion(S) from North India for the coveted National title.
10. When will it be held 
The Maruti Suzuki Autoprix  Championship 2017 is scheduled to held between Sep ' 2017 to Feb'2018 around weekends.
11. What are the groups and classes ?
Click Here for Group and Class information.
12. Is it safe ?
Northern Motorsport organized events are conducted under the approval of Federation of Motorsport Club of India and under the watchful eyes of appointed Safety Stewards.The strict adherence to Rules/ safety guidelines makes this one of the most safest motorsports activity possible.
The tracks are specifically designed to limit the speed of the cars and in case of an untoward incident, emergency services including a fully equipped Ambulance is available at all times of the event.
13. How many entries can one participant put in ?

Multiple entries can be made for the same driver and car combination. However, in  such  cases,  only  the  best‐timed  entry  would  be  considered  for  qualification  in  subsequent  races. However,  a  Maximum  number  of  3  Entries  per  class  will  be  permitted with a overall cap of 6 entries per person. The organizers may however  decide  to  relax  this  restriction  which  will  be announced  on  the  public‐address  system.


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I Manan Sareen want you to know that I have received an email today from your side about getting a license from FMSCI to be able to take part in the Autoprix season 1 in Noida BIC.

It is very disheartening to see the lack of managerial skills from your side as you are telling me about the same issue at the last moment. And even if I file in all the details it is practically IMPOSSIBLE to get the license now.

This is due to lack of coordination and miscommunication from the Autoprix management, due to which I am suffering for no reason of mine.

Due to the reason above of I won't be able to take part in the Autoprix season 1 and thereby my registration charge will get wasted.

I did not expected such irresponsibility from such a big company in India "Maruti Suzuki" and from a famous motor sport group "Northern Motorsport".

Now who is responsible for the loss of my time and money and the service of my car , which I had done for the race.

I want full reimbursement from the proposed organizers.

I too own a Maruti car and this was not expected from such a big company.

!!Please look into this matter and reimburse me or let me take part in the race which is going to be held on the 24th February Saturday in Budh International Circuit.

I would request from a favourable reply from your side.

Thank you
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